Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Words Influence Your Weight Loss!

Watch what you say! Do you realize the impact that your words have on your behavior? If you keep taking your words for granted, they will keep taking you further away from your goals and your ultimate body.

Let's take the word, hope, for example. Hope can be a horrible thing! Do I have your attention yet? Good. Now follow me.

I hear this word being used almost on a daily basis by clients and friends. They say, "I hope that I can stay on the meal plan this weekend"..."I hope that I find the energy to hit that cardio with intensity"..."I hope that I can lose this final 5-10 Lbs". I Hope...I hope...I hope.

What are they really saying? I can tell you what they're saying. They're saying, I wish. I wish I could eat clean this weekend. I wish I could lose this last 5 Lbs. I wish I could get stronger, leaner, tighter...whatever. It's all just wishful thinking.

Yes, hope in its ultimate reality is a beautiful thing. In fact, the word hope if used properly and in the right context can bring new life . But we're not talking in the biblical or spiritual sense here. No, we're talking with language that we know and use every single day in common conversation. And in this culture, the word hope is nothing more than an expression of longing. Unfortunately, this does NOT help to condition your mind for success since you have spent years of your life "wanting" certain things but not always getting them. Again, it goes back to wishful thinking.

Your words shape your thoughts and your thoughts shape your actions. Ever hear someone say this: "I just look at food and I gain weight." This is a sure way to set your mind against you in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Your mind is very complex organism. If you believe your thoughts, they are real to you regardless of whether they are true or false. Now consider how serious that is to your behavior. It is imperative to ALWAYS think and speak positively about yourself and your actions. Is it easy? No. But will it change your life? Yes! Your thoughts are shaping your destiny.

Let me give you an example. This is a true story based on my own personal experience. No, this is not typical. But hey, I'm not typical :) Here goes...

This story goes back about 15 years. I was in the gym and trying to break a new bench press record. My body was totally shot and drained. But, as tired and weary as my body was, my mind was far worse. I had nothing left. I mean, I was spent. Sometimes all the years of mental training in the world just can't give you everything you need. This was one of those days...or so I thought. My friend took the barbell off the bench and I grabbed the 485 Lbs in my hands. I said, "I got it!"

As I lowered the bar to my chest, I could feel the weight was not going back up. Ever been there? Well, it landed on my chest and I pushed but couldn't get it up. I was not happy. As I got up from the bench a guy in the gym came up to me and said, "Hey, it's not your day. We all have our days big boy. Save it for tomorrow."

Oh no you didn't! I wanted to rip him open. But at that moment my competitive nature took over my roughneck attitude (rare for me), and I made the following wager. I said, "Hey, who are you talking to? You don't know me, man. How about you put your money where your mouth is."

He said, "What do you mean? I didn't mean anything by it. Really. Sorry if I offended you." I said, "No, you didn't offend me. You just pissed me off. And that, will cost you." He said, "Wait a minute. I'm sorry." I said, "No, I mean COST you money as in I want to make a bet with you. How much weight just fell on my chest?"

He looked at the bar and did the math. Then he said, "490 Lbs." I said, "Ok. What if I add another 20 lbs to that bar? Do you think I can get it?" He said, "No way. The 490 landed on you. How you going to get 510 Lbs? " I said, "I got $50 that says I will get it up."

He turned and said, "You're on!"

At this point, we had at least a dozen people gathering around us to watch this. My training partner put another 20 Lbs on the bar and shook his head. His exact words to me were, "T, T, you're crazy man." I smiled and said, "This is no time for compliments."

It was then that I got completely focused in my own mind. I shut out everything and everyone and I began to do some extreme visualization techniques. I grabbed the bar and my partner lifted it off and gave it over to me. I pressed it up for 3 full reps. Not one rep. Not two reps. But Three! I got up, turned to the barbell and said, "You lose."

That was not only a new bench press record for me that day, but a mental awakening like never before. I mean, I knew the power of my mind was vast, but I had no idea the depths stretched so great physiologically and physically.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

This ONE Trick will Help you Burn Fat!

There are many reasons why it is extremely important to understand how the body gets obese and to grasp all of the factors that go into gaining excess fat.

But the main reason why you should take the time to understand how the body becomes fat is because it will give you the basic plan that you need to lose consistent weight on a regular basis without always struggling to make sense of why a particular diet isn't working for you.

Do you believe that calories in and calories out is the only real principle worth following? If so, then you are wrong. Let me ask you a question. How many times have you endured a genuine, disciplined caloric deficit only to still watch the scale not budge? Many times, right? There is a reason for that and it has to do with your hormones.

The main culprit in most bad hormonal situations is insulin. Insulin has been touted the storage hormone because when we eat processed foods like simple sugars-- breads, pasta, sweets and all the rest--our body releases insulin to process and metabolize the excess glucose in your system. Unfortunately, it does so by working in overdrive and quite often releases too much, which then increase fat stores and also drops blood sugar leading to intense cravings and mood swings later on.

The trick to controlling your insulin release and blood sugar levels is to eat small, frequent snacks in a very consistent pattern. Now you probably have already heard about eating 5-6 small meals per day--breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks.

However, the key to controlling insulin is to eat more frequently but less calorically. For instance, try eating a small handful of almonds and 1-2 ounces of low-fat cottage cheese every 1-2 hours instead of eating a higher calorie snack every 2-3 hours. What you will find is that this one simple trick can speed up your metabolism and also control insulin release throughout the day. This leads to ongoing, healthy weight loss.

If you follow this little technique and trick, you will also experience less cravings throughout the day. However, remember, you must do your best to make sure that your main meals are not high in calories or carbohydrates. This will send a tidal wave of insulin into your system and undo an entire days hard work. Keep the meal sensible and healthy. Lean and green is best. Lean would be white meat source of protein like chicken, turkey or fish and green would be leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli or asparagus.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Benefits of Using a Stability Ball in Your Training

If there is one piece of equipment you should not miss in your training, it's the stability ball. The market comes up with new training tools all of the time. Most of them are worthless--especially the abdominal gadgets. However, if you're looking for something that is guaranteed to work and come in handy no matter where you are, purchase and use the stability ball.

What Is a Stability Ball?

This is a large and inflatable ball used as exercise equipment. Despite being air-filled, it is generally heavy-duty and capable of holding 500 to 700 pounds of weight (depending on the quality). It is comfortable and gives good support. It perfectly suits the trainee as it easily goes with the structure of the body.

This exercise tool is also sometimes known as the physioball or the Swiss Ball.

The good thing about using the stability ball is it reduces the perception of 'working' in training, especially for beginners. It gives some element of 'play' as you get rough with the training. It adds some fun and excitement as you advance in the movements and techniques.

Another good point with the ball is that it can be used by anybody. No fitness level is required. It is very portable and light weight, easy to bring along even when traveling. It is also inexpensive compared to other pieces of exercise equipment and it could last for a very long time.

How Stability Balls Came About?

The use of the stability balls for training can be traced in rehabilitation. As early as the 1900's, physical therapists have been using balls in addressing the neurological disorders of their patients.

Then, in the early 1960's, Aquilino Cosani, an Italian toy maker, made the ball and sold it, known then as the 'Gymnastik.' Two decades after, Cosani came up with a company called Gymnic and became the major supplier of the stability ball to most rehabilitation programs and centers.

The ball then shifted from the rehabilitation to the athletic area, in the 90's. It was used to condition the body of professional athletes. From then on, the ball became very prominent in the fitness community.

At present medical specialists and fitness professionals very much recommend the use of the stability ball by the public. It serves more than solving physical problems. It is good in preventing you from having one.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Stability Ball?

The stability ball definitely is best to improve the strength of the abs and the lower-backs. It improves as well the functional strength, balance and flexibility of the body.

1. Proper Alignment
Using the ball during training will test the body to make use of the different parts to maintain the proper balance. The dynamic movements during exercise will improve the natural motor reflexes of the body as different muscles are utilized in movement, especially the ones that are not normally used. The challenge posed by the ball is to maintain balance. As one aims to get the proper balance, the alignment of the body parts is also improved.

2. Great Abs
For people working out to achieve great abs, this ball can definitely target the abdominal area. The abs and the back muscles are simultaneously moved as you work out your balance. The use of medicine balls or weights can increase the intensity of the abdominal exercises, as well.

3. Muscle Strength and Endurance
The stability ball can help in alleviating any back pain and preventing one in the future. As all the major muscle groups are exercised, the muscle tone, strength and endurance are also improved. Thus it gives the body flexibility, stability and resistance.

4. Core Stability
This concerns the major muscles that helps stabilize and support all of the body movements. This is made up of back and the deep abdominal muscles. With the ball, no matter how 'deep' or 'into the core' these muscles are, they are still exercised. This is something only the stability ball can guarantee.

5. Stretching
The ball is a good companion during stretching exercises. With this, you can easily move into and move out of different stretching positions.

6. Losing Weight
Of course, with all the good benefits of using the ball, you will not miss out on the aspect of losing weight. With regular exercises and trainings done with the stability ball, a person can lose some unwanted pounds as the body is firmed.

Of course, as with any piece of exercise equipment, one needs to be careful and use proper form and technique.

In closing, As a long island personal trainer , the stability is ball is defintiely something that I use with all of my clients.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finding Fuel through the Pain

I'm no stranger to pain. Not by a longshot. I have experienced some very trying things in my short life. Without getting too specific for sake of not wanting to sound overly dramatic, let's just say that this world can bring the pain.

One example, I recall getting a phone call from the hospital. A close friend asked the nurses to contact me. She wanted me to come and see her. My schedule was beyond insane at the time since I made firm commitments and I had to keep them. But of course, more importantly I knew I needed to be there for her. I also knew from the nurses that it would have to be as soon as possible. The way things were at the time, I really only had two choices. I could go to the hospital then and only spend a few minutes with her or I could wait until the following day. I decided to wait.

At that moment it seemed like a very poor choice but deep down inside I knew I needed to wait.

I raced to the hospital the next day. I rushed into her room. I still remember her smile like it was yesterday. It was not long before this day that we were at her house enjoying a barbecue and laughing together. I sat down on the bed next to her and she began to get animated as she always did when she was intense in conversation. She was always funny and loved to make me laugh. We shared the same crazy sense of humor :)

She began telling me how she had been in a dispute with her husband the night before and she told him to leave the room and go home. We discussed it and I tried to bring her peace with what she was feeling about him. I shared with her how much he loved her and adored her and it was only the pain of seeing her suffer that caused his nervousness and their disagreement. We talked for a little while longer. We laughed too. As I held her hand she began to struggle with her breathing. I reached over and whispered in her ear and I told her that I loved her. Then, she passed away in my arms.

As the doctors and nurses rushed in, one nurse turned to me and said, "you made it here at just the right time." She was right. I did. There are NO accidents in this world.

As I drove home in tears, I remember thinking about her husband. They had just bought a new home together. Newly married. She was only in her early 20s. What would his life be like now? How would he go on? Would he be okay?

This is reality. This is life. Not one of us can separate our everyday hopes and dreams from the painful and sometimes horrifying moments that are thrown at us. While this might seem like a very exteme example, we all have pain from the past and present that seeks to rob us of our goals TODAY and TOMORROW.

That's why most emotional eating is often rooted in pain so deep and complex that all of the appetite killers in the world could NEVER stop that person from binging on comfort food if they feel they need it.

But there is hope for every single one of us. Just as pain has wired you up in certain ways, you can use your tears to take you to the top. I believe anyone can recondition themselves to become whatever it is that they desire. Some principles must be applied, however.

1. Look at Your Past Constructively and with Purpose

Some people will look at their past pains and sorrows and cry out "why me!", while others will look at the same types of pain and say, "Never ME again!". The outlook you draw from your past will shape your current attitude. And, quite simply, as has been said before, your ATTITUDE will DETERMINE your ALTITUDE.

We must learn from our past sorrows and mistakes. This involves not only understanding WHY you may have done something, but HOW you handled it. We all think we KNOW ourselves so well that we don't need to look back at all. These are the same types of people who step in the same mess over and over again. Be honest with your self-evaluation and your past. But then, take those lessons and MOVE ON. LET IT GO! You can't live in tomorrow with one foot in yesterday. GO and GET those dreams. Turn those tears into fuel. Feed on them until they have no more power over you.

2. Accept Past Failure as Part of Becoming Great

Just ask most who have accomplished greatness if they had to overcome incredible hardships in order to get there. The answer is almost always the same, YES!

In your pursuit to become your very best and reach your own personal level of greatness you can expect to experience sorrow, pain, isolation, fear, loss in all its forms and ongoing doubt. These feelings will come and go and you can and will make it through all of them so long as you realize and keep telling yourself that they are momentary.

3. Claim Your Future Now and Condition Your Mind to Live it Today

It's imperative to own the words that come out of your mouth. If you're always speaking negatively about yourself, then I can almost guarantee that you may NEVER see what you want. But, if you learn to turn your self-talk into positive FUEL that puts fire to your goals and dreams, there's nothing that will be outside of your reach. Here's the problem, most people never spend a tenth of the time necessary to truly condition their minds in a way that will actively and permanently change behavior. It must be aggressive, continual and address very important aspects of your mind and emotions that you KNOW need to be changed for the better.

Here's a little heads up. If you're someone who finds yourself saying "easier said than done" a lot, then you might need to stop procrastinating about the necessary change and JUST DO IT!

After my friend died, I was asked to speak at her funeral service. I was not at a loss for words since she gave me a lot of fond memories. In her short life, SHE LIVED to the FULLEST! Please, do the same and never settle for less than your best!